kindergarten birthday
kindergarten birthday "Birthday" Today we celebrated Frida Viola's birthday with her kindergarten. It was the first time they all
pink + sunglasses + new bike = 4 years
The Dollhouse
The birthday party this weekend. Sorry - no photos with people - I was to busy to take photos "Birthday"
birthday party
"Birthday" From this weekend's birthday party with the family. The cake with blackberries and white chocolate birthday party
her first birthday party
Easter vacation has started and yesterday we celebrated Molly's 1-year birthday. The light is here "Birthday" her first birthday party
♥ Molly 1 year ♥
"Birthday" whenever there is an occasion. Molly and I had fun doing these invitations for her 1-year birthday. Of
More Birthday
More Birthday "Birthday" Spring time is birthday time in our family - today A's. Frida Viola and I woke him up this morning
♥ Frida Viola is 3 ♥
Almost 3 years
"Birthday" She is almost 3 now. And she loves popsicles. This weekend we made the invitations for her birthday party. Last year we made these.
December Birthday
This weekend we celebrated my birthday :) It began Friday morning when my sweet family woke me up "Birthday" December Birthday with good coffee, birthday song, gifts and kisses, and it ended today with friends, pan forte, chai
"Birthday" birthdays and birthday parties means a lot of cooking. For her birthday dinner Friday evening Frida Viola My sweet big girl is 5 years. It was her birthday Friday, and we have been celebrating her with our
"Birthday" invitations for her birthday party. I thought I would share them here since they are so easy and quick
birthday party
"Birthday" birthday party This weekend we were celebrating Molly's 2-years birthday with our family. Frida Viola was busy
feeling summer
me tiny pink strawberry flowers in the backyard. Birthday hugs. "Lune hveder" – a Danish tradition "Birthday" Yes, we feel summer now. In the past week we had some Danish holidays. A had his birthday and the
♥ Molly 2 years ♥
His birthday
His birthday So, this is how he looks my love - his birthday this weekend. Nothing big because of our summer
birthday painting
birthday painting A while ago Frida Viola made a huge painting for my mom's birthday. It depicts my mom with Frida
2 years!
"Birthday" She is 2 years now, my little girl. Actually her birthday was April 25, but she was so ill with
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