these cardigans for Frida Viola and me, both from Amimono's knit collection 2010 - very soft and Amimono I have posted about Amimono and the beautiful design of Helga Isager before. My mom's aunt made delicate. Amimono has a new home collection - every item a wish for me. Last photo from Amimono's website.
Amimono - Daffodil
, which the photos doesn't justify at all. Isn't the back of it beautiful? More amimono designs here and here. My mom's aunt has knitted this beautiful amimono cardigan in sky coloured highland wool. It's a Amimono - Daffodil
The Bird Collection - Amimono
The Bird Collection - Amimono Helga Isager from Amimono has created a new beautiful knit collection - The Bird Collection. I love
Finstickat by Amimono
Finstickat by Amimono published by the Swedish publisher Natur och Kultur. All photos are from Amimono. "Finstickat" [fine-knit in Swedish] is a new, beautiful book by Amimono designer Helga Isager. You
It's getting colder
Viola and me. I am so in love with the blue one from amimono designed by very skilled knit designer
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