pink + sunglasses + new bike = 4 years

Frida Viola is 4 years today! Well, yesterday actually, but she came home fra the camp yesterday in the afternoon - very tired and very happy, and we chose to celebrate her today instead. She had a new bike and a pair of sunglasses - all in pink. And she decided to wear an outfit all in pink and I let her do so (last year her favourite colour was still blue but this year we have surrendered unconditionally to the Pink regime!) We went for a bike ride to the ice cream parlor with her new bike, and she actually drove 2 kilometers each way without problems or discussions.

Finding the right bike has been such a time consuming project. It's so hard to find a nice and good bike for the little ones - and also one that is not totally covered in glitter and way-too-sweet garnish. We ended up with a model from Electra that we were so lucky to find (no too) used. I liked the form of the bike (the colour was not up for discussion), but I did remove the Hawaii stickers and put on another saddle. Frida Viola was thrilled, and she had such a good day.