my home today

Frida Viola is on a camp with her kindergarten. For 3 nights she will be away! It feels strange and empty without her here - and extremely quiet. I forgot how it is with only one child. She was so proud and happy when they left with the bus. I hope she will have an adventurous time, making her very own experiences.

1. "How big is Molly...?" Favourite play at the moment.
2. Daffodil from the backyard - and Happy Days vases from Meyer-Lavigne.
3. New basket with a nice pattern.
4. Huge new book from the thrift store on violets - so many different varieties! Show you more from the book later.
5. Tonight's dinner - raw cauliflower salad with goat cheese, apple slices, roasted almonds and lime zest. Always so good.
6. And A brought me these beautiful kalas.