Zdenek Miler & Little Mole

Zdenek Miler's wonderful animations about the sweet-sweet Little Mole were the first films Frida Viola ever saw - and she still loves them. Both A and I saw the films when we were kids too - but somehow forgot about them, so we were happy to refind this treasure. The animations are very beautiful with all their fantastic patterns and colours, and the narrations are friendly, funny and often about friendships and helping each other out. The stories about the Little Mole have recently been published in Danish by Politikens Børnebøger, and when I found them on sale I didn't hesitate a second to buy them. We have used them as gifts in the girl's Christmas stockings, and as you see in the photos Molly also loves the colourful illustrations.

Photos are from the very classic "How Little Mole Got His Trousers", 1960, "Little Mole and His Little Car", 1962, and "How Little Mole Made Mouse Well Again", 1993.