Monstrum - The Spire Playground

Ever since a good friend recommended The Spire Playground of Copenhagen months ago, I have been wanting to go there with Frida Viola. Today we finally went there and it was such a fine place. The Spire Playground is designed by Monstrum - a design group that has focused on playground design and has made some really fantastic places combining physical activity and challenge with theatrical and imaginative settings. They use beautiful materials as Siberian larch and birch plywood, and aesthetics is surely also part of their considerations. The Spire Playground of Copenhagen is - as you might have guessed - miniature copies of some of Copenhagen's beautiful buildings and spires. The place was full of kids - and Frida Viola really liked it.

Ida also posted on the playground - and made me want to go there even more.
This is another favourite playground in Cph.