Sweet sweet Sabine from Sisterbrandt has treated me again. This time with an Arabia Pomona jar with strawberries, that has been on my wishlist for so long! It goes so good with the rest of my little collection (and is the prettiest one, in my opinion!) Sabine remembered that I had posted about the jars - and when she found one at a flea market, she held that in mind. How thoughtful is that...

Molly and I went to Sisterbrandt's studio to pick the jar up the other day - and I really had a hard time leaving again, because everywhere my eyes fell they were captured by something colourful, beautiful, handmade, vintage, special... I could have stayed for hours just sneaking around looking, had it not been too inappropriate since the ladies at the studio had a busy working day.

She really is a lady with a good eye, this Sabine.

Photos below are Sabine's from the studio.