my home today

We feel autumn for real now. It's so dark in the evenings and mornings, and both girls have colds. Yesterday Frida Viola stayed home from the forest (remember her "forest kindergarten"). She wasn't really ill but it felt nice with a day at home. We made porridge, went to the library and to the local café in the afternoon.

1. Tonight's dinner.
2. Cake tin from A's grandmom.
3. Cinnamon buns are the best when you come home after a long day in the forest.
4. Alpaca yarn for a future knitting project. I like the colour.
5. Molly in the sunbeam (actually not today, but the other day - in our house in Sweden)
6. Lace from the thrift store.
7. The nice tea packs are from an ordinary supermarket in Sweden. I always look for nice packaging in supermarkets abroad - and in Sweden they are doing it so good.
8. Pixi - all times favourites. The best ones are of course the old ones from the thrift stores. I love the ones with Iben Clante's illustrations.