More Egon Mathiesen

I have posted on Egon Mathiesen and his fantastic children's books before. For Molly's baptism she had this very fine collection of Mathiesen's stories, "Aben Osvald - og andre fine historier", that contains titles that are both wellknown and new to us. New is "Drengen i grøften" (~ "Boy in the ditch") from 1945 about a little boy who is sitting at the roadside daydreaming and looking into a cornfield that transforms into a jungle with all kinds of exotic animals (last photo). "Aben Osvald" ("Oswald the Monkey") from 1947 is such a great story about the little monkey that finally learns how to say "No!" to the big angry monkey (photos 2 & 3).
I have read Egon Mathiesen's stories time and again with Frida Viola and I am looking so much forward to read them with Molly too.