365 things to do with kids

Just before leaving for Sweden I rushed out to buy this book because of the not so promising weather reports at that time. I feared three weeks of rain and thought I might be a little prepared. The weather turned out much better though, and we didn't need extra inspiration for activities - the house and the nature around it was enough in itself.

Nevertheless, I want to post about the book. It's so full of nice little projects you can do with or without the kids, and it provides an immediate urge to create. Besides new and original inspiration the book also contains more classic and wellknown activities (saltdough, chestnut animals etc.) that serves as refreshed reminders. I already have a list of little projects I want to do with Frida Viola during the dark and cold autumn afternoons.

"365 ting, du kan lave med dit barn", by Sabine Lemire.