Maternity leave

Mette from Carlas Café made a very nice and thoughtful post on maternity leave - on how fast time flies and how different maternity leave is with baby number two. I totally agree with her - second time it's much more about making the everyday life work for all members of the family. From the moment Molly is sleeping (and she is not sleeping alot), I'm running around cleaning up the home, doing the laundry or preparing a meal. I do not go to baby swimming, baby yoga or baby music as last time. I'm not even in a mother's group. But what I do daily is walking with the pram, sitting in the sun, drinking coffee at my favourite café, learning how to knit and just let my thoughts fly for a moment or two. And it feels much better for me at the moment than any mother's group or any baby yoga could do (and I really loved being in a mother's group with Frida Viola). These little quiet moments remind me of how good everything is.

And Molly...? I'm quite sure she is perfectly ok without yoga and swimming - at least for now. She has her sister that stimulates her in overdose. During the past week she has learned to roll over from back to stomach and back again, to reach out for her rattle and to make bubbles. What a bliss.