in and out...

It goes without saying that life up here is very different than our normal life in Copenhagen. Up here everything is so dependent on the weather - and that's also what makes it so good. Rain and sun are shifting every moment. The doors are open all the time, and as soon as the rain has stopped dripping, we are outside again. We make new experiences all the time. Holiday with little kids is also hard work - especially when the house is filled with friends that you also want to spend time with. We try to balance our time between being just ourselves and socializing with the others. What are your experiences with vacation with little kids...? Any good advice...?

1. Beautiful old family farm that has been in the same family for 6 generations. We visited a little flea market here - and found some good stuff.
2. Beautiful woven rug from the same place.
3. Frida Viola in the green.
4. Cooking for 12 people in a primitive kitchen is both charming and a bit hectic.
5. Molly also likes it here.