Emma Adbåge

A always says that our kids will grow up in a different age having only books, toys and games from a bygone time. Well, my problem is that I don't know the contemporary authors and illustators of children's books - so I tend to fall for titles and pictures I'm already familiar with (also because the classical children's books really are that good!)

I have been following Emma Adbåge's nice blog for a while, and I love her fine, funny and whimsical illustrations, so I had no doubts when I found one of her books on a book sale a while ago.
"Fylde år" (litteral translation: "Filling years" which is the Danish/Swedish expression for becoming a year older) is a very nice book that ponds about time, birthdays and different ages in a sweet and fun philosophical way. Frida Viola already loves it and it has spun lots of questions and thoughts on the concept of time.