Quiet & Good

This weekend has been quiet and good:

1. From mom's garden.
2. Frida Viola's hair in the morning - what can I say...? And oh yes, she has a big bruise on her cheek from one morning she woke up very abruptly and hit her head against the bed! She was still almost asleep and didn't even register the accident until later when she had a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She has never been a good sleeper, and "sleepy accidents" like this one are not at all unusual.
3. For Molly - from the thrift store.
4. Ramson in our weekly vegetable box.
5. And pesto made out of it together with almonds and a little bit of manchego.
6. Molly still loves to sleep in her hammock.
7. Little white flowers we found on our walk yesterday.