Easter Activities

I have been ill the last couple of days - not so fun with a little newborn and an almost three-years-old full of energy. Furthermore it has been freezing cold - even snow again - so most of our planned outdoor activities had to be changed into indoor ones. My energy has been so low, but finally today I went to the doctor and had some antibiotica - not something I am particularly fond of, but in this situation it felt like the right thing to do. A has done a great job in planning activities for Frida Viola - these are some of them...

1. Building little wooden ships is always great fun. The ceramic waves are made by Hesselholdt & Mejlvang - two of my absolute favorite Danish artists. I wrote this text about them a couple of years ago - and they offered us the beautiful waves.
2. Sowing cress - also a nice Easter activity.
3. Plum branches from mum's garden - now in flower.
4. Lots of lots of caresses and kisses.
5. This is what Molly and I have been practicing - and we are not doing so well. Frida Viola didn't ever learn to use the dummy, but with Molly I think it would be nice - to give me a little break once in a while.
6. Hand printed tablecloth that makes me happy - we used it for the wedding.
7. Baking daily is something we do when we are home all of us.