You can't make up stuff like this

Some while ago I picked up a copy of the Danish magazine Samvirke (a magazine you can pick up for free when you are shopping in certain supermarkets). It is a very user-oriented magazine with articles on all kinds of practical issues as health, environment, consumption, food etc. And not at all on aesthetics, art and design. The photos above captured my interest, though - and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind ever since. The article is called "97 Summers" and is about Else - a tiny little lady, aged 97. She still lives on her own in her little apartment, filled with history, stories and memories. Else tells about her favorite cup, her daily routines, her life and her loves stories. Once a week the neighbor lady, Mrs. Rasmussen - who is "only 90 years" - cooks for both of them. This meal lasts for 3 nights for Else.

I find the story very touching and the photos beautiful and inspiring in a way that ordinary interieur magazines could never be.

See more photos and read the article on Else here - you must go see the photos! Article and photos are by Hanna Lenz.