Shrovetide - Blueberry Girl

So today was the big shrovetide day in Frida Viola's kindergarten. We decided on blueberry girl a long time ago since Frida Viola loves blue and blueberries, and since we have been reading the story about Putte/Peter in Blueberryland intensely lately. My mom helped me finish the dress yesterday.

A little blueberry hat with embroidered leaves.

The dress in itself is very simple and can be used alone afterwards (same model as this one).
 I love the blue color.

The leaves are made as a garland and can be used for other costumes as well. I used a mix of old bits of fabric.

And this is how the costume was received on the first trying - she was excillerated :)
(and I was so happy that se didn't want to be a princess like all the other girls!)