Box for Secrets

Following the pedagogical principles of Idana Pescioli's Firenze pedagogy each child has a box for little secrets in Frida Viola's kindergarten. Parents and older kids, of course, have been asked to make such a box. I like this idea.

The story is that originally A made a super fine little ladybird box for Frida Viola, painted red with black dots and a little smiling ladybird face on one end. One day then, a little budgie [undulat?] lost it's way into the garden of the kindergarten. One of the pedagogues quickly found a box for the lost bird in order to deliver it at the local police station - and that box was Frida Viola's ladybird box. We like the story about the lost budgie although we also miss the little ladybird. I knew I had to come up with something nice to replace the ladybird and I hope that this house will do it. Frida Viola has mostly been involved in choosing colours and paper and talking about the idea - and I have been doing the cutting and the gluing.