Jaime Rugh

Look what I received yesterday. The most beautiful little package with treasures from Jaime Rugh. You might know Jaime from her blog Found While Walking about nature, family, everyday projects and more art related projects - and of course about walking in the nature with her two kids finding little treasures.

Jaime Rugh is an artist working with textiles, collages, weavings and more. She made me the beautiful little weaving in the photos above. I think the idea is to leave the weaving hanging in a tree as a treasure others will find. But I think I will keep it for the baby to come to hang over the cot and as a nice little thing to touch and hug.

Jaime also did the beautiful collages below. Actually the collages are the way I learned about Jaime's work because they captured me with their beautiful colours and simple, naive and yet very composed style.

Jaime's collages and other works are available in her shop.
And Jaime is also a contributer at Momfilter.

Thank you Jaime for sharing these treasures!