What we read - more Inger & Lasse Sandberg

I was lucky to find a whole pile of Inger & Lasse Sandberg's wonderful childrens books in our local thrift store (in addition to the Laban and Laboline books that we already have).
Lasse Sandberg's illustrations are wonderful and Inger Sandberg's writing is poetic, fun and very straightforward at the same time.

Frida Viola loves the story about "Lille Grynet" ("Pulvret" in Swedish) about a little boy that loves all tiny things. In this one the little boy imagines that he suddenly is the big one and his granddad the little one ("Når jeg bliver stor og du bliver lille, morfar...") The little big boy allows his granddad all kinds of fantastic things like eating lots of chocolate, bathing for very long etc.

In the beginning there is a very nice explanation on his fascination of all things that are small (sorry only in Danish):

"Grynet synes, at små ting er fine.
Han samler på små, små ting.
Grynet har en tændstikæske,
med verdens mindste ting i.
Et støvfnug. Næsten usynligt er det.
Et myreæg. Lillebitte er det.
Et frø. Næsten usynligt er det.
En lille stift. Spids og lillebitte er den."