Little details...

I am sure that most of you will agree that little details count. I really enjoyed preparing all the little details for the wedding - but also didn't have time to post about them during the preparations. So here are some of them - hope they will not be too boring for you, soon I will stop telling more about the wedding :)

Vintage paper napkins for the cake (with little violets because of Frida Viola's name)

Very nice straws from this very nice Etsy-shop that has all kinds of funny stuff for your party.

Rosehips from the area around my grandmom's house - we made a lovely chutney with them.

Napkins made by vintage fabric for the dinner.

And little gauze bags with lavender (instead of rice) and vintage ribbon.

And look here - Camilla from Annas Camping took some very nice photos while she and her family stayed in our apartment! I love to see all the wellknown things and surroundings through the eyes of someone else - end especially sweet little Melvin in Frida Viola's room!

Finally: New blog roll on your right with lots of wonderful blogs - have a nice weekend!