Ellen's Cabaret

Last summer we went to Møn.
(For those of you not familiar with Danish geography it's a small island).
I totally fell in love with Ellen's Cabaret. The place had been closed down for years (at least I think so) and seemed strangely dislocated in the idyllic settings of the island.
The last photo is the local port office.

This year I want to go and see this exhibition: Folklore - Old New Forms

"What is the role of craft within contemporary art today? How will young artists interpret folklore traditions of woodcut, patchwork, weaving and naive painting and what does the growing global exchange mean for the old traditions new forms? Folklore - Old New Forms, a group exhibition, where the aesthetic and symbolic power of folklore is continued in a modern language."

Amongst others Emil Westman Hertz will be participating.
Ohh, I am looking forward!