Nye Service AB

Nice little roadside gas station near our house. Love that this kind actually still exists.
Molly still sleeps in her baby hammock. We bring it wherever we go - so easy to move it around and create something recognizable for her. We made a little mobile for her. I like that when you need something new up here, you'll have to make it yourself out of what ever is available.

last day of September

We have spent all day just around the house. It has been sunny and beautiful, a real September day, the last one. There are so many apples on the trees this year - last year there were hardly any. And the wild boars have been all over! The lawn looks like a battlefield. The old lady who lived in the nearest neighbour house all of her life has passed away. She was the last inhabitant in this tiny community - and the last member of the local congregation. Our house was left in the 60's, and so was most of the houses in the area. It must have been so lonely to live here all alone.

a girl with her own sleeping bag

We arrived here late last night. Both girls were asleep and didn't even get into their pyjamas. I know it's a little hard for them with this long and late drive, but we prefer it this way instead of spending a whole day on transport. And they were happy this morning when they woke up, rediscovering the place again. The photo below is Frida Viola in the morning light, still wearing the dress that she wore in kindergarten yesterday.

Top photo is Frida Viola and her new sleeping bag from today's visit at the local thrift store - she chose it herself and she feels very big... a girl with her own sleeping bag, as she puts it!

Goodbye old house...

Goodmorning. We are back in Copenhagen. Old house in Sweden is cleaned and closed for the winter. I always get a little sad when we leave the house. It looks so lonely and it used to be so filled with life - kids, grown ups, livestock, pets, housekeepers, servants - playing, working and living. And now it is left for the mice and the cold weather. But as A says: The house has been there for over a 100 years so it will certainly also stand there next spring...

Take a look at Fnubbu's website - so much nice to look at.


We are here! We are actually here in November - have never been here so late in the year before, but it's nice. So quiet, almost as if the surroundings don't breath anymore but are holding the breath until next spring. It's cold, yes, but not unbearable yet - and as you see, Frida Viola managed to find the absolutely last summer flowers left. We haven't been doing much - just walking around, eating cinnamon rolls and reading Swedish children's books. Tomorrow: a flea market.

Bye-bye house in the green

Last post from our Swedish house this time. Some of the loppis finds that stayed in the house - what is a Swedish house without "Nu ska vi sjunga" (a classic Swedish songbook)?

Frida Viola is watching Pippi on the iPhone - talks about it all the time.

Now we are back in Copenhagen, and the city seems hot, muggy and dirty when you arrive from green Småland.

Water, Air, Earth and Fire


Yes, it's me taking a swim in the lake - and I am not too keen on cold water, but today it was perfect.
We stayed most of the day at the lake, but we also visited this thrift store - a must every time we come here. Some good finds today as well - the quilt in the first photo one of them, more photos later.

A lit a small bonfire and we made twistbread in the evening - so good.

Tomorrow we go back - none of us want's to leave.


It's summer now. We have been outside all day.
We also visited this incredible flea market in Fageräng - not too far from our house.
Their vast inventory took my breath away. All dirty and piled up in stacks.
Frida Viola is developing into a savvy thrifter (to her mom's delight!)

I will show you some of our finds tomorrow.
Goodnight and sleep well!

Where I woke up this morning

This morning we woke up here, in our Swedish paradise.
We left the city yesterday at 7 pm and arrived at midnight.
This time we are just the three of us.
I am so in love with this place. I am sitting at the kitchen table with the doors open to verandas at both sides of the house and the birds outside are singing in stereo, completely surrounding me with their song.

Last couple of days

The last couple of days in our old house have been wonderful.
We started out as 14 and ended up being just the 3 of us.

We have been doing more work on the house, visiting flea markets, cooking and baking more food, some of us seeking for eggs - and all of us just enjoying the place and the beautiful weather.

First 2 days

First couple of days in our old Swedish house!
I love to re-open the house after winter - after all these months. Now the house is bustling with life: We are 14, 7 kids and 7 grown ups.

The kids love it - they are playing all day long outside.

We have been cleaning the house, preparing the ground for summer, painting the facade, baking, cooking, making yoga and playing.