my home today

Frida Viola is on a camp with her kindergarten. For 3 nights she will be away! It feels strange and empty without her here - and extremely quiet. I forgot how it is with only one child. She was so proud and happy when they left with the bus. I hope she will have an adventurous time, making her very own experiences.

1. "How big is Molly...?" Favourite play at the moment.
2. Daffodil from the backyard - and Happy Days vases from Meyer-Lavigne.
3. New basket with a nice pattern.
4. Huge new book from the thrift store on violets - so many different varieties! Show you more from the book later.
5. Tonight's dinner - raw cauliflower salad with goat cheese, apple slices, roasted almonds and lime zest. Always so good.
6. And A brought me these beautiful kalas.

*-* spring *-*

Spring is here - we felt it today! Frida Viola picked me flowers and she litteraly jumped out of her snowsuit.

We have been so busy lately. Everything is changing here. Molly has started with another little girl at the same age in a private day care with a young woman. I think she likes it and it is so good for her to be together with other kids at her age. A has started a new job, and our renovation project seems to be never ending. I am going to start up in new projects too - tell you more later.

at home today

Both girls are ill again. High fever, no energy - look at Molly's red cheeks. So we are at home.

1.&4. You know that I love vintage games - especially memory games that often have so pretty pictures. This one is a find from Sweden and is especially nice.
2. Molly fights the fever.
3. New dress for Frida Viola's dolls, also a thrift store find from Sweden.
5. Beautiful wood blocks from A's childhood, perfect for so many plays.
6. Frida Viola and I sowed some basil in the windowsill. I didn't know if it would work out but it seems as if it does.
7. More dresses for the dolls - love the fabric of the upper one.
8. Easter pot holders.


Just like so many other families at the moment we are still struggling with this winter's flu epidemic - last week Molly and this week Frida Viola. Especially for Frida Viola the days are so long and at the same time she doesn't really have energi for longer lasting activities. So today we made scones. Easy to bake and even with a very quick result for little impatient ones. We used a reciepe from Meyers Bageri, just made the scones much smaller like mini scones (Frida Viola's wish), and they turned out really good.

winter days

It's still winter and cold around here. Every morning a new layer of snow. Frida Viola is up again, but now Molly is sick with both pneumonia and otitis. She is so ill, that poor little thing. My mom sent her the little alpaca scarf to keep her warm, and A bought pink macarones to celebrate that Frida Viola is well again.
The bark baskets are some I found some while ago in the thrift store, very beautiful.

my home today

Days are passing so quickly at the moment. I am still on maternity leave with Molly but I am giving a lot of thoughts to what's going to happen afterwards. You know that I really enjoy blogging and I would like to find a way to put more time and effort into it. So good that we finally have the light coming back, especially in the afternoons. It's actually possible now to do things with Frida Viola when she has been picked up from kindergarten. We baked crispbread the other day - so good.

And ohh yes, Molly has started walking for real now. 5-6 tiny little steps at a time. She is so pleased with it.