baked tomatoes

I love tomatoes but both of our girls are allergic to tomatoes so we don't cook with them and often end up with a lot of very ripe tomatoes. My sister's baked tomatoes is a wonderful and very easy way to preserve them and also to add a little tomato flavour as topping on soup, pizza, salad, pasta, risotto etc.

This is how to make them:
1-1½ kg plum or cherry tomatoes cut into halves
olive oil
salt, pepper, a little sugar

½ dc white balsamic
2 dc olive oil
1 tsp acacia honey
1-1½ tsp dried thyme
1½ tsp dried oregano
½ tsp salt
1 clove of garlic

Bake tomatoes with olive oil, salt/pepper/a littel sugar at 130°C for 1½-2 hours.
Mix all ingredients for the marinade. Fill the baked tomatoes into jars and pour the marinade over them. Let them rest for a couple of days.


The light was beautiful when we passed the canal on our way home from the playground this afternoon. Few minutes later it was dark. We didn't have any plans this weekend and just stayed home the 4 of us, doing small projects. I finally started sewing Molly's christmas stocking. I wanted to do something similar to Frida Viola's. And we did a lot of cooking. This apricot compote is delicious and very simple. Soak two handfuls of dried apricots in water over night. Boil the apricots in the water with a teaspoon of vanilla until they are very soft and blend them. It tastes heavenly as Frida Viola put it. I made it for Molly but we all like it.

Good Sunday all of you!

almond butter

Presoak two handfuls of almonds in water a day. Blanch the almonds and blend them into a soft and creamy butter. You'll need a good blender and a little patience. The butter is sweet without being sugary like marzipan. It's perfect on bread for little baby beginner eaters, in porridge or as a little dessert with lots of blueberries. Could be used in bread and cakes, maybe, but I haven't tried that yet.

apple pie

My mom and I made this very good and simple apple pie last weekend:

2 dl wholegrain spelt flour
2 dl wholegrain wheat flour
3/4 dl cane sugar
100 g almonds - finely chopped or grounded into flour
100 g butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg
½-1 tbsp cold water

6 apples
cinnamon and cane sugar

Mix all ingredients for the dough and let it rest in a cool place while you prepare the apples. pre-bake the crust for 10 minutes at 225 degrees Celsius. Put on the apples and sprinkle with cinnamon and a little sugar. Bake for 15 minutes at 225 degrees Celsius. Serve while warm with skyr.

my home today

1. Tonight's salad - chèvre chaud, figs, carrots, dried blueberries, roasted pumpkin seeds, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and agave syrup. The air was colder today, and this salad tasted a little like September.
2. A's mom sent us a whole box of old children's books! Show you more later :)
3. & 4. Molly in action. She is playing with the "computer" - an old Fisher Price piano I found in the local thrift store at my mom's place this summer. Frida Viola thought it was a computer, and she was thrilled that she and Molly could actually have it. "My own computer! My very own computer!", she kept saying a thousand of times.
5. From the other day, actually - two little packets, now hopefully on their way to the winners of the giveaway :)

Have a nice weekend!


I have been wanting to bake the whole grain chocolate cookies from 3191 Miles Apart for so long and finally tried them out last week. As you know I love cakes made with whole grain flour (and coconut!) and these are no exception. They are so good!
For once I followed the recipe closely - except that I used whole grain spelt flour instead of wheat and walnut oil instead of canola oil. I tried to translate the recipe to Danish, converting 1 cup to 2 ½ dl:

ca. 12 store cookies (jeg fik 16 ud af portionen)
1 3/4 dl grovvalsede havregryn
2½ dl fuldkornshvede (jeg brugte fuldkornsspeltmel)
3/4 dl kokosmel
½ tsk bagepulver
1/8 tsk salt
1 1/4 dl rapsolie (jeg brugte valdnøddeolie)
3/4 dl rørsukker
3/4 dl brun farin
1 æg
1 tsk vanille
2½ dl groft hakket mørk chokolade (jeg brugte en rest Valrhona chokolade, vi havde tilovers fra Mollys barnedåb - og det blev rigtigt lækkert)

De tørre ingredienser blandes sammen. Olien og de to slags sukker røres sammen og ægget piskes ved. De tørre ingredienser vendes i og tilsidst tilsættes chokoladen. Sæt store skefulde på bagepapir og tryk let flade. Bages ved 180 grader i 10-12 minutter. Lad afkøle på bagepladen.

Waiting for summer

We are still waiting for the summer that doesn't really seem to come for real this year.
So this is what we do while we are waiting: Reading lots of Astrid Lindgren stories in preparation for this year's visit in Pippi land, eating salads every day - this one was particularly good with new potatoes, radishes, apples, roasted almonds, fresh goat cheese, lettuce, raspberry vinegar and olive oil. We haven't had that many ice creams this year but the crochet one from Shirley Bredahl is a favourite in Frida Viola's kitchen.

We are looking forward to swimming in the sea (and in the Swedish lakes!), sitting outside until late, finding wild berries in the forrest, visiting lots of flea markets and forgetting about time.

New Nordic Pizza

Who said it's not ok to play with food? Well it makes it much more fun at least.

Tonight's dinner: Pizza "new nordic style" - with whole grain flour from Aurion, ramson pesto made with ramson from mom's garden, fennel, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots and tomatoes from Aarstiderne and Danish goat cheese. Not Italian at all - but very good. 

what i wore at Caramel Baby & Child blog - nice photos and sweet little stories.

Quiet & Good

This weekend has been quiet and good:

1. From mom's garden.
2. Frida Viola's hair in the morning - what can I say...? And oh yes, she has a big bruise on her cheek from one morning she woke up very abruptly and hit her head against the bed! She was still almost asleep and didn't even register the accident until later when she had a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She has never been a good sleeper, and "sleepy accidents" like this one are not at all unusual.
3. For Molly - from the thrift store.
4. Ramson in our weekly vegetable box.
5. And pesto made out of it together with almonds and a little bit of manchego.
6. Molly still loves to sleep in her hammock.
7. Little white flowers we found on our walk yesterday.

What we do

1. & 2. Frida Viola's Easter eggs - now decorating her room.
3. Cinnamon rolls.
4. Molly is not doing so much yet - mostly eating, sleeping and smiling :)
5. Tonight's dinner - salad with finely cut pointed cabbage, apple, feta cheese (goat), spring onion, dill, roasted almonds, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and elder flower lemonade. Tastes like spring.

Noix de coco

Just before Molly was born, Frida Viola and I took a baking day. We made these very easy and quickly coconut cakes. I love coconut, and it is one of the sweet thing Frida Viola can actually have with her allergy - but I find ordinary coconut cakes far to sweet so I tried to twist the traditional version a bit and added a lot of very finely chopped almonds, a little bit of quinua and candied ginger - and almost no sugar. They turned out very good.

This is how we did:
2 egg whites
50 g of cane sugar
vanilla corn
100 g desiccated coconut
100 g of finely chopped or grounded almonds (leave the peel on)
1-2 tbs finely chopped candied ginger
a little bit of quinua

Whip egg whites, sugar and vanilla. Add the rest. Make little tops and garnish with little bits of ginger (we did 25 tops). Bake for 15 minutes at 180 celsius.


Today I was lucky to find one of Marianne Westman's big, beautiful old Picknick platters, originally designed in 1954 for Rörstrand, in the local thrift store. It's in perfect condition and we already used it this evening for herbs and salads for our Vietnamese spring rolls - but it is also beautiful in itself, let alone in the window sill.

Below, another find: A fine little embroidered spectacle case for my sunglasses (today it was snowy again, but I do hope for spring and sunglasses soon!)

And for Vietnam inspiration see this site and programme that a close friend of us produced :)

Visit from mom...

My mom has been here for the last couple of days, and we have been making all kinds of projects - including the blueberry girl costume for Frida Viola.

The little handknitted baby mittens and shoes are old, but my mom made new Liberty ribbon for them. And photo 2 is her delicious pizza with onion jam, potatoes, parsley and olives.
I will show you more tomorrow - it was too dark and rainy for photos this afternoon.

I love days like these!

Shrovetide buns // Fastelavnsboller

Yesterday I tried out a new recipe on shrovetide buns. Frida Viola is allergic to a whole range of things and especially when it comes to sweet things. This recipe is from an old issue of Copenhagen Food (#3 2011) that I altered slightly to fit our needs - and the result turned out really good.

I used whole wheat flour and made a filling with marzipan and apple compote...

... and finally added little snowflakes of icing sugar just before serving.

They were well received.

This is how I did:
(for 20-25 buns)
50 g yeast
2½ dl milk
1-2 eggs depending on size
2 tbs canola oil
2 tsp cane sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp grounded cardemom
500 g whole wheat flour
150-200 g marzipan
1 egg for brushing
a little icing sugar

Apple compote:
750 g apples (I made 1 kg - the rest is good as topping on yogurt or porridge for breakfast)
2 vanilla pods
a little water

Heat the milk until luke warm and add the yeast. Add the rest of ingredients for the dough and let it rest while you make the compote. I keep the peel on and just cut the apples into small cubes and let them simmer with the vanilla pods and a little water until the apples are tender. I don't add sugar - it's not necessary. Split the dough into two and roll each portion out thinly. Use a cup or a glass with a diameter on approx. 8 cm to mark the size of the buns and add a little piece of marzipan and a bit of compote on each circle. Carefully place the other half of the dough on top of the filling and use the cup/glass again to cut out the buns. Let the buns rest for half an hour and brush with egg. Bake at 200 celsius for 12-15 minutes.

Have a nice weekend!


1. French anemone - favorite flower at the moment.
2. A simple salad we like making: Finely shopped raw cauliflower (or romanesco as here), apple slices, roasted almonds and dried figs, lots of green leafs, a mustard vinegar and lemon zest. Good.
3. After making the house box for Frida Viola I felt like making more boxes to store all the little things that always make a mess (especially in FV's room). As glue I use this - it's based on water and much easier to use than ordinary wallpaper paste.
4. New plates from the thrift store - and today's lunch :)

If you haven't already, you must check Sisterbrandt's new webshop - so many fine things...


Yesterday was the big gingerbread baking day. I use an old recipe from my mom, but this year I tried spelt flour instead of normal wheat (inspired by Sophie!) - and it turned out very good. I haven't decorated them yet, like last year - maybe later.

The little angel was also finished during the weekend - I have always loved December, but it makes so much more sense to make and do these things, when you have little kids appreciating it :)

Weekend With Mom

This weekend my mom came to visit us. Frida Viola loves her. They have been playing all weekend, even sleeping together. We have been outside in the beautiful weather, talking and cooking. A has been painting the new (old) bed for Frida Viola, and my mom and I have been doing some sewing projects. I love weekends like these.

The Norway cup, the little socks and the rag rug are all finds from the flea market and the thrift store in Sweden. The socks are perfect for Frida Viola right now.


These two waited at me when I came home last night - so much like eachother. Both with the same hoodies and both with a little bit of yogurt around the mouth. Today: Very good bread from the little biodynamic bakery Jeremys in Århus - one of my favorites when I lived there.

I also went to this little shop, recommended by Sophie from fine dage - and brought new woolen underwear for both Frida Viola and me with me home - it's getting colder.