a nice day

It was my birthday today, and it was such a nice day. A and FV woke me up in the morning with barley porridge, kisses and birthday song. And in the afternoon sweet friends came over. I know it's cheating but we took the tree in yesterday evening and lit it this afternoon. This year we just have a tiny tree since we are going to celebrate Christmas at my mom's place. It's such a cute little tree and it's totally overdecorated.

cosy & chaos

It seems as if at least one of us is ill at any given time (first Molly, then Frida Viola, then Molly and now Frida Viola again, and in between A and I). We try to think about Christmas and make it cosy around here but actually everything is quite chaotic because at the same time as we are baking cookies we have also decided to start up finishing the renovation of the apartment. We have boxes everywhere and the other night a sudden impulse made us reorganize the whole living room.

december weekend

Such a nice weekend with snow, snow and snow and many little Christmas projects.

1. Gingerbread - my mom's old recipe.
2. The hyacinth from the other day.
3. Lucia breads - I made them with wholegrain flour so the beautiful colour from the saffron didn't really come into its own.
4. Frida Viola is drawing, drawing, drawing.
5. Little rattle I made for Molly's Christmas stocking.
6. Frida Viola and A made this nice snowmamma in the courtyard :)

from grandmom's drawers

We haven't yet decorated for Christmas, but A brought down the boxes from the attic and we have been peeking a little into them. Both girls have been ill during the past week, so all my plans about starting out early this year didn't come true. Molly's stocking did get finished, though - and I love these Christmas tablecloths from my grandmom.

so last season...

A's sister sent us a notice that our apartment is in this month's issue of the Danish interior magazine Bolig Magasinet, and A was off to the nearby 7-eleven to buy a copy. It was last December and I was pregnant with Molly. I remember that it felt a little wrong to take in the tree that early (normally we don't bring it in before late in the evening the 23th), but 23th we were so happy that this part was already done because as always we were short of time. You know that I love Christmas so everything about the photoshoot was fun doing. Tia Borgsmidt took the photos (she is good!) and Mette Helena Rasmussen & co did the rest.

And sorry about the poor lightning of my photos - it was a very dark November day!

and the day after...

Just a little hello and a Merry Christmas for all of you sweet bloggers and friends :)

We had such a nice day yesterday. Frida Viola has the perfect age for loving everything about Christmas - and her enthusiasm is irresistible. My mom made the dress Frida Viola is wearing in the last photos as a Christmas gift. She used a pattern from one of Elsebeth Gynther's books ("Børnetøj du selv kan sy 5-12 år" - sorry, can't find a link!) and converted it into a size 2-years. I had the same model when I was 5 and remember loving that dress.


Today was a big day for Frida Viola - the Lucia procession in kindergarten. They really looked cute, all of them very proud and excited. Frida Viola's little white Lucia dress used to belong to my grandmother when she was little - originally a little undergarment. And the Lucia gingerbread is a tradition my mom started when my sister and I were kids - she always made a Lucia cake like this for each of us, and I used to love it.


Yesterday was the big gingerbread baking day. I use an old recipe from my mom, but this year I tried spelt flour instead of normal wheat (inspired by Sophie!) - and it turned out very good. I haven't decorated them yet, like last year - maybe later.

The little angel was also finished during the weekend - I have always loved December, but it makes so much more sense to make and do these things, when you have little kids appreciating it :)

The Snowman

Remember the little felted balls I did with my mom and my sister...? Two of them turned into this little snowman today. Hopefully two other little men will soon keep him company.

The bottom photos are from the market at Aarstiderne this weekend. It was freezing cold (but still no snow!). We did find a tree and had a long walk in the cold winter afternoon.

Frida Viola's Advent Calendar - December 5

December 5 - today a little handmade heart with her name embroidered to hang on her door or in her room.
I made the heart with old fabric and added Jaime's little sun :)

Below the heart hangs together with Frida Viola's Christmas stocking.

I love this glasshouse found via The Selby. When we move to the country...

December Morning Joy

1. Yesterday, when Frida Viola opened the gift with the teddy. She still prefers wearing her ballarina dress - I have resigned as long as she accepts wearing stockings and a t-shirt underneath.
2. The Advent candle with a big bow made of old fabric and Christmas embroideries.
3. Close friends that we haven't seen for ages because they have been travelling visited us yesterday evening, and brought this most fantastic old bin found in a vintage shop in San Francisco as a delayed wedding gift. I love it!
4. Candle and bin again.
5. My mom helped me finish the little dress for Frida Viola - the neckline gave me problems but the result turned out good, I think. She will wear it for the Christmas party in kindergarten tomorrow :)

Have a nice Friday evening!