everyday daydreaming

If you haven't yet read the Tales of Midsummer issue of Enfants Terribles Magazine this is just a short reminder. The issue is packed with beautiful photos, editorials and lots of summery inspiration. I especially enjoyed Céline Hallas' beautiful editorial "lonelines is a dear friend of mine" with Pascaline Floch's subtle illustrations as a supplement to the photos. And Emma Donnely's interpretation of the Swedish Midsummer tradition of putting seven different wild flowers underneat your pillow on the evening of Midsummer to gain sweet dreams about your coming man in her "Seven Wild Flowers" is beautiful, romantic and yet very simple. 

Do also remember to take a look at the interview Enfants Terribles made with me, "everyday daydreaming" - such an honour to be featured amongst so many talented and creative people.

Spreads from everyday daydreaming interview - thank you Enfants Terribles Magazine.