first words

I really hope that you're reading this on my newly redesigned blog, since that would imply that everything is working according to my intentions. And I hope you like this new place. I liked Blogger, but I love my Squarespace, and all the things I can do with it, that just weren't possible before.

My little everyday stories will still be the same, and you still find all my more than 750 old blog posts in the Museum. I hope you will take a look now and then – so many fine memories, moments and sweet notes from you are still traced there.

And I hope you will also take a look around to see all that is new. I am so happy with the changes, and I have missed blogging while working on all this.

A while ago sweet Lena from Teak Tray Weekdays gave finurlig a Liebster Blog Award. I’m not exactly sure what a Liebster Blog Award is, but the questions Lena asked me made me think about blogging and what it is all about. I thought sharing these considerations would be a nice way to open up this new space.

So go along and read with me:

1. Why did you start blogging and how has your blogging evolved?
I love to take photos and I love everything visual, it inspires me. I also love to tell stories, to put together different visual bits to see what it makes. And I love everyday life – the calm moments of a totally ordinary day, the beauty of the things we always do. I’m not chasing the extraordinary, the extravagant. I like simple life. 

When I first started blogging in September 2010, I thought it would be much more about art and design; after all I have a MA in art history. But it didn’t turn out that way, because other things are more close to me in my everyday life. Aesthetics is a big part of my consciousness, and the blog has become a recess, a place to reflect on what we do and show bits and moments from our lives. finurlig reflects my daily observations and thoughts.

2. Do you feel guilty  when you don't get around to post as much as you'd like, and how often is optimal?
With Instagram and Pinterest as the latest additions I don’t feel the urge to blog as much as before. Blogging should always be something driven by desire and as such it should not be associated with a feeling of guilt. On the other hand you must post somewhat frequently, if you want your blog to keep momentum.

3. Have you had any career-related goals with your blog?
When I started blogging, I was still working full time as a gallery manager. The blog became an indispensable room of my own – a place to create something on my own, independent of my professional life. Today I am freelancing and everything is much more fluent. I am not a career person, but as I mentioned, I love visuality, playing, photography and styling, and I wish that finurlig will grow into something more connected with what I do professionally. 

4. Do you usually tell people about your blog?
It depends, of course, very much on the context – but yes, I normally do. Blogging is part of my life, and I love it as well as I love the whole sense of sharing that is related to blogging.

5. What do you do to recover after a period of stress?
I’m seeking quiet days and moments, I take photos with a visual calmness, I remind myself of what is good, I hug my girls & I try to get as much sleep as possible (which is not much!)

6. Have you formed an image of your average reader, and if so, who is it?
No, I am not good at being calculated in that way. Whoever likes what they see are more than welcome. I am grateful for every visitor, every note. I am grateful if someone finds inspiration, recognition, beauty, calmness in what they see – it makes me happy to share.

7. Can you recommend a book, a record and a movie?
I am a huge fan of Siri Hustvedt’s books. I love all things singer-songwriter-like. I still hold my breath when I hear Coldplay's Yellow, but today I mostly listen to children's audiobooks. I love all of Michael Haneke's movies, but especially Amour made a great impression on me.

8. Do you have a tip for visitors of your home town?
For a relaxing day with good coffee, a playground for the kids and small shops, go to Jægersborggade and the area around it. It’s situated right next to the beautiful Assistens Kirkegård

9. Where do you prefer to travel yourself?
I am very good at finding something beautiful and exciting almost wherever I go.
When I travel without kids I have a weakness for big dirty cities where you lose yourself and see something entirely different than your daily perspective at home - like Cairo, Delhi, Varanasi, Kathmandu, Marrakesh, Lima, La Paz and so on.
We also love to travel with the kids to show them other things and learn them about other places – but they are still very young – and our favourite place of all places is our Swedish country house, where we find our green and calm supplement to our everyday life in Copenhagen.

10. What are your plans for this summer?
Three full weeks in our Swedish country house!

Thank you, Lena for pointing at finurlig - and now its my turn to point at three places I hold dear:

fine dage – Sophie is posting about tiny moments of beauty & joy in her everydaylife with her family – and her obsession of old houses and things. I love her calm photos and understated sense of aesthetics. We have never met in real life but we have been following eachother for a long time and I feel quite connected with her.

fine fine books – Saskia is posting on all the books you dream about reading with your kids. She is an instant source of inspiration for my own readings with Molly & Frida Viola, and I love that she has such a good eye for details, beauty, simplicity & complexity in the vast universe of illustrations. 

Signe Kjaer – I love to get a peek into the everydaylife and projects of this little family living at the countryside in Denmark. Signe makes beautiful illustrations, and nature is always present in her works as well as in her way of living.