last days & first days

The holidays are over. A is back to work, I am writing, the girls had their first day back in kindergarten today, and everything feels quite good. We went to a big party for New Year's Eve with lots of kids, lovely food and fireworks just outside the window. The girls never stayed up for so late before, I think they both loved it, although they were exhausted at the end. I don't like New Year's Eve especially much – but I do love these first days of the new year. I know it's symbolic, but it feels good to enter something new and clear your mind for good, new thoughts. I never make New Year's resolutions, but this year I have one major wish in mind that I don't have much influence on: I hope for less days of illness for little Molly – something that will be good for all of us.

In 2014 we will have something new going on for this space, I am quite excited about it, and I hope soon to show you more.

All the best wishes for all of you that visit us here. You know that I like simple and banal things, and it means alot to me that others care for it too.

Molly has discovered the magic of an iPhone.


Wrapping presents just before Christmas. Frida Viola helped me stamp the cards with her new stamp set ['Jul' means Christmas].

Peek-a-boo behind the three.

Beautiful packaging on this very good chocolate from Chocolataria Equador in Lisbon.

From my birthday in December – best carrot cake ever.

Molly has discovered the magic of an iPhone.