take a deep breath

We have passed another period of illness with Molly, and she has been giving me good company at home. Not that I'm not glad to have her around and observe all her little doings but it seems as if she has been ill on-off with colds, coughing and difficult breathing ever since we came home from our summer vacation. Nothing serious but enough to disturb her sleep (as well as ours) and to make her unwell and without energy, and I remember it was the same last winter. So after some considerations back and forth we finally decided to bring her to the doctor this weekend as she had a very difficult time breathing, and as expected we came home with a bag of asthma medication. It came as no surprise to us since both girls have allergies. I can't say that I'm relieved but the medicine has already helped her, and she has had two good nights of sleep, and has started talking and experimenting with words again. I keep my fingers crossed for a good period.

Photos are from the other day where she snapped Frida Viola's pink dog and didn't let go of it for the entire day.

By the way, as you might already have noticed I finally started pinning! I signed up ages ago but really didn't get into it - but then a little while ago I got caught and just as all others of you who are pinning I can only agree that it is quite addictive. Follow me at finurlignet – and do share your own or your favourite pinterest boards with me!