A little more about me...


This is my playground, 
a parenthesis in my everyday life to stop and wonder

I hold a master’s degree in art history, and work as a freelance writer and stylist on the topics of kids, art & illustration, design, children's literature and family lifestyle.

I live with my husband Anders, who is a designer, and our two kids, Frida Viola (2009) and Molly (2012). We are ex-pad Copenhageners (2015) who left the city because we wanted a more simple life at the countryside, closer to nature where the kids can freely explore and grow. We also share an old country house in Sweden with friends where we spend most of our vacations.

I love everyday life. I am not a seeker of anything extraordinary. I love all the small things people do in their everyday life often without even noticing it; I find a distinct beauty in these tiny moments.

‘Finurlig’ is the Danish word for something ‘whimsical’, something you cannot fully describe or put on terms. This blog is a collection of such moments; it sums up my daily observations and thoughts.

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You will also find me here:
Editor in Chief at Enfants Terribles Magazine