I'm still here, but we are up here in our Swedish house. These past weeks have been so packed with holidays and we have had wonderful get-aways and mini vacations with the girls. Up here we love it – June is so lush and green, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to free our city kids a bit and let them explore on their own.

Molly in the green – still in her pajamas.

Wild flowers from my big girl.

She is reading comics from another decade in bed.

Flea find (and the doll came with an impressive handmade wardrobe!)

We practice the names.

Rhubarb compote in the making – it was good, with freshly baked waffles.

feeling summer

Yes, we feel summer now. In the past week we had some Danish holidays. A had his birthday and the girls woke him up with lots of hugs in the morning. We went to Tivoli & we picked the first strawberry flowers in the backyard.

Molly has dressed up & reads books. She wants to be big now.

She picked me tiny pink strawberry flowers in the backyard.

Birthday hugs.

"Lune hveder" – a Danish tradition for a special holiday. These were good, with lots of cardamom.

From Tivoli.

From Tivoli.